Material Lock Privacy policy & Usage terms

Material Lock does not collect or transfer any data to us or to any third party unless stated below.

Device Administrator

We are getting android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission for only prevent app uninstall. When someone try to uninstall app, he must remove Device Administrator in "Settings" application.

Accessibility Service

Material Lock listens to your application openings. Material Lock receives your application names, application package names and application icons. However, the application content is never retrieved. Material Lock does not collect or transfer any contact data to us or to any third party.

Receive SMS Permission

Material Lock uses your SMS for "Remote Lock" feature. However, the SMS header, SMS content, or sender numbers are never collected


Material Lock uses Google Analytics to collect information about how many people install and use it. Analytics data helps us to improve Material Lock. Collected information is neither personally identifiable nor contains personal information. You can read related Google policies at and


Material Lock uses Google's mobile advertising platform Admob in free version and fully complies with their privacy and the developer's policy. Admob uses Google's Advertising ID API (which Material Lock has no access) to provide adverts to you. These adverts can include targeted ones. You can access settings related to advertising under Google settings app on your phone. Those settings enabled and controlled by Google. You can read it and No advertising displayed if you upgrade Material Lock to Pro.

Last Update: 26.08.2017